E C W ` s


Sunday March 1st 1998

Asbury Park Convention Hall
Asbury Park, New Jersey

Hosted by: Joey Styles

"F.B.I." Little Guido & Tracey Smothers with Tommy Rich vs
Chris Jetty & Jerry Lynn

Doug Furnas vs Masato Tanaka
Doug Furnas takes down his manager, Mr. Right.
Furnas tells Mr. Right to tell Vince McMahon
to kiss his ass!

"Mr. Monday Night" Rob Van Dam with Bill Alfonso vs Too Cold Scorpio
Sabu helps Van Dam and the Sandman helps out Too Cold
Sandman and Too Cold dance the jive in the ring. Cool!

"Dudley Boys" Buh Buh Ray, Devon, Big Dick & Sign Guy vs
Axl Rotten & Balls Mahoney vs
New Jack & Spike Dudley
Steel chairs, frying pans and garbage cans.
Everybody busts each other open. Everyone bleeds
as they all fight within the audience.
New Jack and Spike Dudley dive off the
balcony onto the Dudleys driving them through tables.
ECW... ECW... ECW... ECW... ECW... . GREAT MATCH !

Adult film star Jenna Jameson appears
as ECW`s new broadcast commentator.

Justin Credible vs Tommy Dreamer with Beulah
The giant transvestite Nicole Bass appears
and goes after Beulah. Mikey Whipwreck appears
and delivers the DDT to Nicole Bass.

Bam Bam Bigelow vs Taz
Both wrestlers smash completely through the ring !

Sabu vs The Sandman
Rob Van Dam aids Sabu.
Tables galore in this match.

Chris Candido & Shane Douglas with Francine vs
Al Snow & Lance Storm with Sunny
Sunny doublecrosses Lance Storm.

Backstage: Shane Douglas mouths off about Al Snow.
Then Al Snow mouths off about Shane Douglas.

"The Franchise" Shane Douglas with Francine vs Al Snow with Head
RUN TIME: 2:30:00

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